40/40! Perfect score of the season and the honor belongs to James! Make sure you go and vote!

'Frozen' fans, do your thing! ;)

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We’ve been tweeting radio stations non-stop using the parallelradioattack hashtag. And we could use all your help! Go into the tag and just RT some of the stations we’ve been tweeting or even better, tweet them yourself and add the hashtag and we will gladly RT.



Okay you beautiful people keep on requesting parallel on the radio! Add the #parallelradioattack tag so we can rt!

If radiostations ask you to send mp3s of the song DONT! Let us know and we’ll make sure it gets taken care off.


WATCH: James Maslow dance the Salsa (March 26th, 2014) on Dancing with the Stars

Vote for James Maslow and his partner Peta Murgatroyd by calling 1-800-868-3402 or vote on Apps.Facebook.Com/VoteDWTS or Abc.Com/DWTS

Just did a serial “liking” spree and liked any photos with Kendall Schmidt or anything related to him.

(I may be obsessed)

New chapter of “Big Time Criminal”!

It’s been long overdue, but here it is!

Chapter 24: Living In The Moment


Rated M

Kogan approved.

Heffron Drive | Parallel (Studio Version)


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Call: 1-800-868-3402

ABC.com: http://vote-e.abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars/vote/season-18 (you need to sign up with them but it was easy)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dancingwiththestars


Seriously I don’t care about this show but I care about James! Take two minutes and vote for our bb!

Preorder #Parallel European masterpost


Austria: (x)

Belarus: (x)

Belgium: (x)

Bulgaria: (x)

Cyprus: (x)

Czech Republic: (x)

Denmark: (x)

Estonia: (x)

Finland: (x)

France: (x)

Germany: (x)

Greece: (x)

Hungary: (x)

Ireland: (x)

Italy: (x)

Latvia: (x)

Lithuania: (x)

Luxembourg: (x)

Malta: (x)

Moldova: (x)

Netherlands: (x)

Norway: (x)

Poland: (x)

Portugal: (x)

Romania: (x)

Russia: (x)

Slovakia: (x)

Slovenia: (x)

Spain: (x)

Sweden: (x)

Switzerland: (x)

Turkey: (x)

Ukraine: (x)

United Kingdom: (x)

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